How to setup Android Drawable Converter on your computer

If you have developed any mobile applications on Android then you may know that you will need to create drawable resources (images) to support different resolutions based on the device on which your application is being rendered.

Now you (or your designer) can design those resources accordingly or you can download the Android Drawable Converter on Google Code for this purpose.

Once you download and unzip the resources you will encounter 3 files in the folder

  1. Readme file
  2. Settings ini file
  3. JAR file

Copy this folder to any location on your drive. Now download Image Magik. The Android Drawable Converter JAR file requires Image Magik to resize the images. Download the relevant executable for your OS. I am using Windows so I downloaded and ran the installer on my computer.

Next open the settings.ini file which contains the basic settings needed by the JAR file to convert the drawable resources to different resolutions.

Search for convert_command in the ini file. Enter the path to your Image Magik executable file here.

Next search for the convert_source_path and convert_destination_path in the ini file. The convert_source_path as the name suggests is the source path for the image files. Please make sure that the source files should be large images which the JAR file would resize into. The convert_destination_path is the destination path where the resized image files would be copied to.

After making the above changes open the command line and go to the folder which has the JAR file you just downloaded. Enter the following command

java -jar android-drawable-converter.version2.0.1.jar

If all the path settings are correct then you should be able to view the resized images in your destination path other wise you may view Exception messages appear on your command line.

Hope the above helped. If not then please let me know.

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