How to hide the Likes and Groups from your Facebook profile page

Nearly all of us use Facebook to stay connected with our family and friends online and share and communicate with others as well. However, there are issues of privacy which we should keep in mind when using Facebook as our personal information, likes and the groups we have joined may be visible to the public.

If you would like to hide the pages you have liked and the groups you have joined then you can see below how you can do it:

First login into your Facebook account and then click on your name on the top blue bar or in other words browse to your timeline page. Once there you will see five links under your Cover Photo i.e. Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, More. Hover your mouse on the More link and you will see a menu appear.

How to hide your page likes and groups joined on Facebook

You will see a Manage Sections link at the bottom. When you click on it you will see a popup which will show you the options which are available for viewing by every one. The checked ones are viewable by every one and the ones unchecked are not viewable to every one from your profile page.

So if you want to hide your page likes and the groups you have joined you can simply uncheck them from the Manage Sections popup and then no one will be able to see that information from your profile page.

Facebook Manage Sections

However the above does not mean that a Facebook savvy user will not able to access that information. There are other ways as well but at least you can be sure that most people will not be able to access that information.

Hope the above helped.

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