Getting denied error message even after giving access on a file to an admin profile in Zencart 1.5.X

I was working on the latest Zen Cart version i.e. 1.5.5. I had developed a module for a client. I had uploaded the module and tested it on the superuser admin profile and everything was working fine. I then created another admin profile for the client and gave permission on the script to the newly created admin profile. I logged out from the super admin profile and logged in with the client profile and to my utter disbelief I got the dreaded message below

Sorry, your security clearance does not allow you to access this resource.

I checked all my settings and everything was fine. There was not one problem. So, I Googled a bit and found this resource.

I downloaded my script and changed

define('FILENAME_FAST_EBAY', 'fast_ebay.php');


define('FILENAME_FAST_EBAY', 'fast_ebay');

I re-uploaded the script and refreshed the page and everything worked fine.

Hope the above helped

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