Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality: Apna Code shall keep strictly confidential all non-public information from you it may collect in connection with your use of the software. No obligation for confidentiality exists regarding any input for suggested updates.

No personal data: You shall not provide Apna Code with any personal data (EU/GDPR) or personally identifiable information (USA) unless specifically authorized in writing beforehand. If you do, you shall fully indemnify Apna Code for all costs and damages associated with its processing and removal, including administrative fines and costs of secure deletion.

Limitation of liability: Apna Code accepts no liability for any damages caused in connection with the services under this agreement. This includes but is not limited to damages in the form of data loss, failure to operate, lost revenue or missed profits.

Law and venue: Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by Pakistani law and must be brought before the courts of Karachi, Pakistan.